Sie hören den Moog Memorymoog. Er arbeitet analog.

Das Soundbeispiel stammt von Peer Blom:

"This particular Memorymoog is a bit of a mongrel. It has a low serial number and the label just above the keyboard indicates that it is an original Memorymoog. The front panel labelling and the back panel, however, are of the kind used on the later Memorymoog Plus model. Furthermore, the MIDI implementation has been updated beyond MM+ with the dBM MIDI update.
My Memorymoog thus responds not only to MIDI note data, but also certain Continuous Controllers. Velocity sensitivity is not implemented. Since the velocity values in the MIDI sequence couldn't be rendered directly by the Memorymoog, the equivalent modulation was played in real time using a foot pedal sending CC#4 (Foot Controller) data that modulated VCF Cutoff. Otherwise the patch was rather ordinary. Polyphonic mode with cyclic (=rotating) voice assignment. Three VCO:s (8' + 16' + 16') with squarewave. LFO PWM 0,5 Hz on VCO1. A bit of filter envelope PWM on VCO2. Unequal VCO levels into a slightly overdriven mixer. Equal settings on VCF and VCA ADSRs: minimum attack and sustain, medium short decay and release.." - Peer.